Wildfire Mitigation

Living in a forested area requires a responsibility to become active stewards of our land, reducing wildfire risk to our homes, properties, communities, and forests.

Wildfire Mitigation will:

  • Reduce risk to home and property from wildfire
  • Enhance landscapes and natural beauty
  • Increase property value
  • Create firefighter “safe-zones”
  • Improve scenic views
  • Restore natural forest health

Forests have changed dramatically in the last one hundred years.  As a result, the wildfire risk to our homes, properties and forests is greater than ever.

In the past, slow burning ground fires periodically cleaned the forest of brush, leaving larger trees and open areas.  Due to decades of fire suppression, our forests today are thick with undergrowth, and trees are densely packed together.

Combined with the long cycles of drought the West has suffered, this creates prime conditions for catastrophic wildfires that destroy homes, damage landscapes and risk lives.  Together, we will discuss your goals and fears you might have in keeping your property at a less of a risk from wildfire damage.

Tax Write-off


Find out about a tax write off for wildfire mitigation on your Colorado property


This home was threatened by, and survived, the 2002 Missionary Ridge fire: