Central Colorado Forest Care

Caring for your piece of earth with Professional Foresters & Arborists. We serve private properties in Park, Chaffee, Lake and Fremont Counties.

We have been caring for your forest and trees since 2003. Our forest care services include all aspects of forest health and soil health.

colorado forest care

Forest Issues

Colorado forests face many issues that you as a landowner need to address to be a good steward of your land. Many of these issues include pine/spruce/fir beetle control, insect and disease attacks, wind thrown trees, wildfire mitigation, noxious weed control, unnatural and dense forests, and monoculture forests with even-aged stands. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

tree thinning and pruning

Forest Thinning

Helps mitigate the risk of wildfire, reduces the chance of insect or disease outbreak, increases the diversity of your forest, and improves the appearance of your property.

wood chipping and forest health


A large part of what keeps our Colorado forests and trees healthy is the organic matter within the first layers of the soil. Allowing wood chips to return back to the forest floor or around the trees as mulch is a process that adds the nutrients back to the soil. This keeps the nutrients in the system instead of hauling them off-site.

Ecosystems like cycles. Wood-chipping back to the forest floor helps connect one of the cycles that the forest needs. Chips are good for water retention, erosion prevention, lessens soil compaction, and creates an aesthetically pleasing landscape.

colorado tree clearing and cleanup

Homesite Clearing & Forest Clean-Up

Are you looking to build a home? Before your builders come in to start on your home, we professionally do the clearing of the homesite. This prevents large equipment from bulldozing the trees and destroying the “leave trees” that you will want for your landscaping after all is built.

It also reduces the large pile of slash that is created during the construction process. We pile the wood chips, and later, they can be applied over the soils disturbed by construction, to start soil rebuilding.

colorado tree planting

Native Tree and Grass Planting

We restore lands by planting native trees and native grasses, forbs, and wildflowers. This adds diversity to your forests and re-vegetates the land.

tree service before and after

Before & After

Examples of our Forest Care Work CLICK HERE FOR BEFORE & AFTER PICTURES