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Fall colors

The Terra Firma Crew loves working in  the fall colors with crisp, clean, Colorado mountain air.  We have been working in Leadville a lot lately.  Today we are in the cottonwoods in Buena Vista.  The picture is last week in Fairplay as the crew thined out some dead lodgepole pine trees near a cabin.


Blog Entry
April 13, 2014 - Who is Terra Firma Forestry?
Bio: Angie Jenson
Professional Forester
ISA Certified Arborist
Owner of Terra Firma Forestry (12 years)
Certified Permaculturist
BS Degree in Forestry
Professional Forest Stewardship Plan will:
• Maximize the efficiency and costs related to the services utilized to create a healthy forest.
• Will qualify the property in a Forest Ag Program that allows the landowner to receive tax
• Develop long-term management goals to keep the land healthy and resistant to disease/insect
outbreaks and wildfire.
Stewardship of land will:
• Protect it’s unique resources
• Identify areas of ecological significance
• Utilize methods that are light-on-the-land
• Protect and restore soil health and tree health
Wildfire mitigation will:
• Create firebreaks to protect the trees and natural resources on the property
• To reduce the risks of wildfire hitting the cabin and structures
• Stop or slow a fire along the outer stretches of the property boundary