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Looking back at 2017


Winter burning

Pile burning from summer forest health work.  Helped reduce fuel in this area for wildfire mitigation in the Chaffee County area near Buena Vista.  All trees were unhealthy trees due to a Mistletoe infestation in the Ponderosa Pine trees.  

Thick trees!

This week the Terra Firma Forestry crew is doing work up in Cotopaxi, Co -- Spruce Basin Subdivision.  The trees are diverse but very thick!  They are healthy with the exception of too dense of forests and trees overhanging the cabin.  We are dealing with these problems by thinning out the trees to a more natural stand density.  And Caleb Hathaway, our tree climber, is removing limbs and a tree that is too close to the cabin.

The forest is also having issues with the Spruce Bud Worm as well as the Gamble Oak defoliator.  Creating a healthier forest will help trees deal with these insects naturally and will increase their health and vigor.

CurtissJones is one of our incredible sawyers this year and is working on the crew to create the healthy forest that our client is looking for.  Thanks Curtiss!

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Take at look at what Terra Firma Forestry has been up to. CLICK HERE to read our Spring Newsletter

Creating furniture with Lumber from portable saw mill

Today our tree climbers removed a large ponderosa that had died a couple years ago from road construction damage.  Because of it's size and beauty, our client wanted it milled into planks and made into lumber.  The lumber is being made into furniture by Jason, Alpine furniture, in Leadville, CO.